Wonderful Crafts with White Paper

Wonderful Crafts with White Paper 31 Tried And Tested Paper Crafts Canvas Printers Online

This article shows you with some of the other uses for a white paper. Come from the cupcake toppers to the spiky ornaments. You should know that these projects prove that the plain white paper can be used easily to add a touch of style. These crafts with white paper can be your next projects and add a beautiful touch as well.

Making paper luminaries

Here, you can make the white paper was folded whether on the diagonal line to create the peaks or in half lengthwise. Then you are able to wrap around the drinking glass, add the tape to secure it. Of course, you can add the candle inside the glass and use the decorative paper to create the lacy edges. For safety reason, ensure that the walls of the glass in the same height with the paper height.

Bracelet Napkin Ring from PaperĀ 

In this project, there is the paper bracelet with the designer cred which can be used as the amazing napkin ring.

Cupcake toppersĀ 

Whether you were facing the bake sale or the birthday decoration, then these cupcake flags would dress up even just for the plainest decoration. There are many things that you can use as crafts with white paper.

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