Winter kid paper crafts holiday break

Winter kid paper crafts holiday break Easy Flower Paper Crafts Sofaspostdocsurvey

Need ideas of kid paper crafts that easy to make but still awesome to hang and show as home décor for winter? Personal home décor that your kid makes with their hand will make you proud of your kid’s creativity.

The first craft to make is paper roll snowmen. Paint the paper roll with white paint. Cut the colored paper strip and wrap around the paper roll. Cross the strip in front and add circle as a button. Draw the smiling and eyes. Attach the nose cut from the orange colored paper. You also can make snowmen from the strip paper and paper cup. Cut the strip paper and gather as one big circle as body and smaller circle as the head. Put the ribbon strip in the neck and add paper cup as a hat. Draw the face and add an orange carrot nose.

Next is making your snowmen and snowflake wreath. This is the paper cutting craft that you need to supervise when your kid makes it. First, you need to download the snowflake printable template. After that, draw the printable snowflake and snowmen and cut the draw. After that, attach the cut snowflake and snowmen into the wreath.

When winter comes, spend the day in out can be cold and spend time to craft these paper art is a smart way to keep your kids stay warm but still active.

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