Unique Paper Craft Ideas for Greeting Cards

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Paper craft ideas for greeting cards, do you want to know them? Well, you can buy greeting cards in stores. But if you are just able to make it, of course, it is much better. A DIY greeting card just simply makes it feel more special anyway. So, what are the ideas to apply? Check them out.

Pop-up Greeting Card

If you have skills in term of creating 3D stuff or artworks, this one needs to choose. So, when the card receiver opens it, there is a pop-up thing. It is just very cute and interesting for sure. The pop-up stuff can be in the form of balloons, flowers, or anything depending on what even to congratulate.

Scrapbook Greeting Card

This is another 3D idea but the process tends to be easier. Yes, you only need to attach materials like thicker papers and others to make the card look more beautiful. It is possible to add ornaments like beads, ropes, and others.

Nature Greeting Card

If you just don’t want to deal with artificial materials so much, this idea is just for you. This greeting card is garnished with things like dry leaves and flowers. Despite unique, it is very environmentally friendly for sure.

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