Unique DIY construction paper pumpkin crafts for Halloween

Construction Paper Pumpkin Crafts  Pumpkin Crafts Guide Patterns

Your DIY construction paper pumpkin crafts are unique, personal and inexpensive. If you want your children to participate in making their pumpkin Halloween ornament, then this simple pumpkin papercraft can be an idea to start. The first simple idea is thin strips pumpkin craft that made from construction paper. Glue the strips into a pumpkin and add green leave in the top.

For adult pumpkin craft, you can make this lovely hanging paper pumpkin. Cut the orange thin strips into 1-inch strips. Get different length of 1-inch strips into 2×11 inches, 2×9 inches, 2×7 inches, and 1×6 inches. One piece of orange paper cut result for one pumpkin. Next step is to put pumpkin together. Put 6-inch pumpkin in the middle and sandwich out from smallest size to the largest. Make sure the top is flush and put the staple.  After that line up the other end flush and staple. Cut the leave and stem. Next is creating your pumpkin paper lantern. To make this, you need Mason jar as a lantern. Cut the orange tissue paper and glue to the jar. Put the jack O face to the jar. Now you can put the candle or string length to the jar.

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