Toilet Paper Roll Making the Ice Castle

Toilet Paper Roll Making the Ice Castle 31 Easy Adorable Construction Paper Crafts For Kids All Ages

Are you looking for a fun indoor activity to do? Then this toilet paper roll castle craft project will keep you and your little one stay busy while hiding from the cold. You will need some simple materials such as the tissue box, paper towel rolls and of course your creativity. Keep in mind that your castle does not has to be an ice castle, this castle can be inspired by several things such as cookies, candies, cupcakes or even car. You are able to collect anything that you need first. It will make your crafts are easier as well.

Tips to make toilet paper roll castle 

This is a beautiful ice castle and makes this amazing recycled castle from your toilet paper rolls and boxes. So, if you are going to make the ice castle. You might want to use several crushed CDs in order to add the sparkle and ice look. Then, you can spray paint in the tissue box or you can wrap it like a gift with some leftover paper. You are able to wrap your tube in some of the cardstock paper to be matched with your painted box. Do not limit your creativity to make toilet paper roll castle craft.

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