How to Use Paper Plates for Crafts Idea

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How to use paper plates for crafts idea? Paper plates can be simply found in the store around. Then, it can be formed into various handicrafts. This material is also perfect for kids as they must need to improve their creativities more. There are some easy ways to utilize the paper plates so that they can turn into more valuable stuff.

Coloring It

Paper plates are good media for drawing and painting. Even adults also take advantages of this material to decorate their home. So, to beautify the paper plates more, you can use water color and make certain pictures or patterns there. Even abstract painting done by your kids can look stunning also.

Picture Frame

With a little creativity, the paper plate can also turn into a beautiful frame for pictures and photos. Of course, the photos put on should also not too big so that it can be framed well.

Papers and Beads Attachment

If there are things like colored papers and beads, they can also be utilized for the paper plate. How is it? It is by cutting them to form certain shapes and then attach them on the plate. Don’t forget to add other ornaments like beads. Then, hand the plates on the wall.

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