How to Make Paper Jellyfish Craft

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Looking for the paper jellyfish craft is the right thing to do when the summer season is about to come. We all know that the summer season always identical to the beach or the sea. All of the kids love to go to the beach to either play with the sand or see sea creatures such as fishes, clams, shells, sea stars, or jellyfishes. If you and your kids cannot go to the beach, you can invite your kids to make paper jellyfish craft to enjoy the summer.

To make this paper jellyfish craft, all you need is some paper plates, tissue paper, scissors, glue, hole punch, yarn, googly eyes, and a black marker. Start by cutting up the tissue paper into small squares. Then, draw a wavy line at the bottom of the paper plate and cut along the line. Next, glue the tissue squares onto the paper plate. Next, use the hole punch to make holes along the wavy bottom line. Then, cut yarn strands of the same length and thread them through the holes and then tie them up. Lastly, glue the googly eyes onto the paper plate and draw a mouth using the black marker and voila, you get your paper jellyfish craft!

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