How to Make a Sun Paper Plate Craft

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What are the steps to make a sun paper plate craft? It is not a very difficult thing actually since the sun, in fact, is round. It is just like the plate. All you need to do is only adding some elements to make the plate really look like the sun. So, how is to decorate or ornament it? Here are some ideas to follow.

Yellow Watercolor

The easiest thing to apply the sun idea over the paper plate is by coloring it. You need to prepare certain colors that resemble the sun; they are yellow and orange. It depends on your taste which one to be placed in the middle and which one to be placed around. Using the watercolor, draw the plate to make it as similar as possible to the sun.

Yellow Beads

There are beads that are in sparkling and gleaming accents. So, you can pour them on the plates or attach them by following a certain pattern. Indeed, you need to prepare more money for this since the number of beads or other ornaments needed must be plenty enough. Aside from the beads, you can also use other stuff like buttons, patchwork, or colored papers to beautify the plate more.

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