How to create a frog craft paper plate with moving tongue

How to create a frog craft paper plate with moving tongue Playtime Crafts Paper Plate Frog Youtube

The moving tongue frog craft paper plate is a fun and unique crafts with your kids. The material that you need to prepare is frog template craft, paper plate, large googly eyes, pink card stock paper, acrylic paint, scissors, glue, dark green marker, and safety paper cutter. If you have prepared the materials, then let start the projects.

First after downloading the printable frog, then put it in the paper plate directly. Color the frog with green and the cut out the frog. Glue the cutout of the frog into the paper plate. Create a spot in the frog’s body uses a dark green marker. Glue the googly eyes into a frog. Cut out the pink cardstock paper. Create the circular fold in the one end side use pencil. In carefully, make a small cut in frog’s smile use safety paper cutter. Insert the flat end in the pink paper through the cut so it can control the motion from the back of the paper plate. Your kid will love to play the moving tongue from the frog.

The other ideas for frog craft paper plate are the folded paper craft plate. To make this, fold the paper plate into 2 parts, with the top is narrower than the bottom. In middle inside of plate cut circle pink card stock paper and long red tongue. Add frog’s foot in the edge of the paper.  Add the googly eyes in the top and yellow spot.

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