Guiding the Kids to Make a Santa Paper Plate Craft

Santa Paper Craft Easy N Effortless Christmas Paper Craft Ideas

To improve the kids’ creativity more, the paper plate crafts are great ideas to learn about. The way to make this craft is very easy. Moreover, the main material, the paper plate is also widely available around. You can guide the kids to make some kinds of stuff including the Santa paper plate craft. How is it? Here are the steps.


Of course, you need to prepare the materials first before they start it all. the materials are only around the paper plate and ornaments. Besides, make sure to provide tools like scissors and glue. If you are also about to teach them painting, watercolor is necessary to choose.


It is better to guide them in the beginning before the kids start to make it. There is a possibility that they can just do all the process by themselves anyway. Sure, if in the middle they make some mistakes, you can tell them and repeat the guidance.

Let Them Explore Their Creativity

Despite painting or ornamenting the plate with Santa picture, the kids must also have a chance to explore their creativity more. Allow them to add ornaments even if it may not related to Santa or Christmas. Sure, you can ask them what it is and what it means during the making of the Santa paper plate craft.

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