Easy and Cute Ideas of Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

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Paper plate crafts for kids are actually easy things to make. Moreover, there are numerous cute ideas that must be loved by your children. Sure, as parents, you only need to prepare the tools and equipment needed. They are including the paper plates themselves, watercolor, and other ornaments like beads, colored papers, and even ruffles. Then, there are some ideas for this craft as follows.

Rainbow Plate

While teaching the kids about the color name, they can also practice their creativities more with the rainbow plate. They only need to attach pieces of colored papers on the plate based on the orders of the rainbow. It is starting from red, orange, yellow, green, and others.


Flowers are basically round just like the shape of the plate. They are ornamented by the flower crowns that are in the form of smaller rounds. So, the kids can also create this paper plate by attaching round papers in bright colors like red, yellow, or pink. Ask them to put another piece of paper in green as the leaf.


After creating the flowers, bugs can also be made using the paper plate. The kids can do it by attaching papers like other ideas above or by using watercolor.

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