Creative Paper Plates Crafts to Try by Adults

Paper Plates Crafts Colorful Turkey Paper Plate Craft

Paper plates crafts, what are the examples? Paper plates are basically intended for the kids to make certain stuff including toys and home decorations. Just like the name, it is in the form of plate and made from a thick paper or carton. Interestingly, adults can also utilize it to make some creations. Here are some crafts that can be made from the paper plates.

Photo Frames

Are you bored with conventional photo frames available around? Well, you can just try this one. It is from a paper plate anyway. it is easy to make in which you basically only need to put the photo in the middle of the plate. Then, surround the photo with ornaments from beads and watercolor.

Real Plate

Do you know that you can make a real plate from the paper plate? The final result is to put dry snacks or dishes including cookies, fruits, chocolates, and more. You only need to stack two or three paper plates to make it thicker. Then, adorn the surface with food-grade ornaments.

Wall Decoration

There are many kinds of wall decoration that can be formed from the paper plates. Painting is one of them. Sure, your painting skill is tested here. There is no worry about the final product to be odd as long as it looks good on your wall.

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