Creative hanging art and craft from origami paper

Craft From Origami Paper Bendon Imagnese Por Los Nios Que Kit Craft Origami Zoo Cra

When needing home décor for your home, this hanging art and craft from origami paper can be great ideas to make. Origami craft is ancient art that popular in and many people can do origami in a simple way. The geometrical origami shapes that used as garland and hang in the wall is extraordinary wall décor that you can do in this summer. To make this garland, you can create from cube origami shape, diamond shape, and pyramids. Gather all the shape and make a garland. Choose the white paper and paint with a different color in each ides to make a colorful geometrical garland.

Need for easy origami paper wall décor? Then you can choose to make this folded fan wall décor. With different size of origami fan, it arranged vertically and attached to card paper before hanging as wall décor.

The most popular origami ganging art may be this origami crane mobile hang decoration. Since the ancient Japanese believe that if one folded 1000 origami cranes, the wish will come true. This also becomes a symbol of hope and healing. You can make this origami crane mobile with all white paper or use colorful and patterned origami paper. You can hang near the window or in the center of the bedroom as the decor.

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