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Mulberry paper crafts have many varies with techniques to result in different crafts art. Mulberry paper is a kind of handmade paper. This paper made from the mulberry tree and featured with long fibers that help give the paper distractive finish. The fiber also gives the paper with a fine wispy edge when it was torn and results in an attractive finish. Mulberry paper is textured and has varied of weight. Because the mulberry paper is handmade, then there are no two pieces that quite the same.

You can buy this mulberry papercraft in a craft store, stationery shop and other. Mulberry paper is a great background for a layered craft project. This paper is also a great material for handmade cards. The mulberry paper is tears easily and can result in an attractive finish by tear the paper. You can get the wispy edge paper by wetting the paper part where it has torn.  The paper edges can be dabbed with ink for emphasizing the torn finish.

Mulberry paper is perfect for add to rubber stamping and scrapbooking craft. It has a rich texture that able to incorporate with design in varies ways. Use the craps of mulberry paper to add embellishment to the craft or just cut into flower or heart shape as a quick way to add the feature.


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