3 Stunning Craft Ideas from Waste Paper

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What are the best craft ideas from waste paper? If there are many unused papers or newspapers at home, don’t put them in the trash can. You can actually turn them into beautiful and valuable handicrafts. Some of them are explained below.

Bags from Rolled Papers

To make this kind of unique bag, you need to prepare around 10 sheets of newspapers. Cut them off into some parts and for each part, you must roll it into a thin pipe. Arrange the pipes until it forms a bag. You should not worry since the bag is considered strong enough.

Wall Clocks from Pulp

The pulp is a paste that is formed from papers that has been melted by water. The process is quite easy since you only need to soak them in the water in some hours or even day. The pulp is then formed into some crafts including the wall clock. Sure, you need to buy the clock machine to install.

Photo Frames

The easiest craft to make from papers and newspapers is probably photo frame. Despite papers, you also need a carton box as the frame structure. To make it, cut the carton off to form the frame. Then, the paper is used to cover it up.

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